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Travel Policies

Drivers and Assistants

  • All vehicle drivers of a rented or borrowed vehicle must be 21 years of age or older.

  • Driver may not have consumed alcohol within eight hours of driving the trailer.

  • There must be at least two people in the vehicle pulling the trailer at all times of operation. The person going along as an assistant must be 18 years of age or older. If person is not 18 years old, parents must provide written approval for the student to travel in trailer vehicle.

  • All drivers must be insured and approved.

  • Driver and assistant must know how to tie down boats and be able to help loading and unloading of boats from trailer.

  • Driver and assistant most have knowledge of driving a trailer and what watch out for such as high winds, loose boats or equipment, where boats are on the trailer and how much they may hang off trailer so damage is minimalized.​

Derigging and Rigging of Boats

Assistance in loading/unloading trailer:

  • All rowers attending regatta must be at loading and unloading of trailer, both at the boathouse and regatta. Rowers that are unable to attend loading and unloading will need to let coaches and the trailer driver know in advance. They should also make sure their boat is ready to be loaded on the trailer ahead of time.

  • Information will be sent out to rowers and their families ahead of time to let them know when trailer will be loaded to head to races. Information will also be given out regarding when the trailer will be unloaded at regatta, reloaded at races and unloaded at the boat house.

  • Just as unloading and loading of trailers, rigging and derigging of boats will need to be done by the entire team, as this takes time and is a great learning experience for students to have. Parents may help with this process if they wish.

  • Loading and unloading, as well as rigging and derigging of boats, takes time. It is very important that all members do their absolute best to be present when needed.

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