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HLRC has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities open for members of all ages. We encourage our rowers and their families to volunteer to help the program grow. Below is a list of some opportunities, but there is always more that can be added if a rower or family member sees fit.


Volunteer Opportunities for Members Under the Age of 18

  • Help with learn-to-row classes and assist new rowers

  • Assist with boathouse and faculty clean up (cleaning inside and outside the bays and cleaning bathroom)

  • Deep cleaning of boats (the boats will need to be deep cleaned weekly to help prevent sand and dirt build up)

  • Assist in fitting of boats

Volunteer Opportunities for Members  Over the Age of 18

  • Maintenance Volunteers – help with small repairs of boats or other equipment

  • Launch Driver Volunteer – all volunteers must pass a Safe Boating class (free online; provide certificate of passing to the Director). Once finished with the safe boat class, driver will spend a minimum of 1 hour with coaching staff in the boat going over different things to be aware of when when driving a launch. Launch drivers should know how to pull up to a rowing scull, how to tow a scull back to the boat house, where not to drive when rowers are rowing and where to be when rowers are out in the boats.

Trailer Drivers (Over the Age of 21 Only)
All trailer drivers must be 21-years-old and have experience driving a trailer. Please read the Trailer Driving policy for more information.


Boating safety online courses:

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