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Use of Equipment

When using any equipment (oars, stoke coaches, ergs, boats, etc.) please return them to their right storage area when finished. We greatly appreciate it.

Use of Boats
When preparing to row, if you need help carrying a boat or are unsure what boat is best fit for you, please ask an HLRC staff member to assist you. We do not want anyone to get hurt carrying a boat or rowing in a boat that’s not the right size. After you are done using a boat, please wash it down and place the boat back on the same rack it came from. To ensure safety, always tie it down before you walk away from the boat rack.


Use of Oars
Make sure you are using club oars. Please make sure both oars have the same letter on them, so you know you are using a pair. We ask that you wipe down the handles to get dirt and sand off them when you’re done rowing. When putting oars away, make sure they are put away as a pair so the next r ower can find them easily.

Use of ERG
Make sure you wipe down the handle and seat after you’re done rowing. If you have moved the erg to a new location, put it back where you found it. If you need help moving it back, or are unsure where it should go, please ask a HLRC staff person to assist you.

Damage to Equipment
Any damage to equipment (the boats, oars, ergs or any other equipment) should be reported to HLRC staff immediately, even if you’re unsure of the amount of damage done. If there is no HLRC staff around when you return from your row, please contact the HLRC at 570-301-6187  and explain the equipment damage. We also ask that you hang a note card from the boats rigger, oar or erg and write a note in the equipment log so others are aware of the damage. Following these steps will keep others from using damaged equipment and ensure a faster repair. Our goal is to keep our equipment in great shape and avoid long periods of time when equipment is unable to be used.


In order for the facilities to be available for the continued enjoyment of all, center users are expected to treat the property and equipment in a responsible manner and be duly considerate of other users and their guests. If you feel this is not happening, please report it to an HLRC staff member so they can look into fixing the problem and keep the facilities a safe and welcoming place.

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